How & What

How & What
practical rental information

FermePostel is open from 1 May to 1 October.

A rental period lasts from Saturday 3.00 pm till the other Saturday 10.00 am. The number of residents is six persons at most.

You can record via the contactform or call to book your stay at FermePostel.

House keys

The family Pascal, the neighbours in Graschamp, will hand over the house keys upon arrival. They also possess a spare key.


The holiday home is located halfway a hill. A number of stairs are located in and around the home. Because of this, the location is unfortunately not suitable for diabled persons.


Pets are not allowed into the holiday home in the interest of hygiene.

Swimming pool

A swimming pool, 3 metres broad and 7 metres long, is located in the garden. The swimming pool is surrounded by a wall and a fence.


There is no sewerage in the French countryside, similarly in Graschamp. Instead of sewerage, houses have a septic tank. In this tank, toilet and shower water are collected and biologically degraded. In order to avoid clogging of the septic tank, we kindly, yet stringently, ask you to deposit nothing but toilet paper in the toilet. Do not deposit feminine hygiene products such as sanitary napkins and tampons in the toilet. We also ask you to only use the ‘green’ cleaning products delivered by us for cleaning the toilet and bathroom as well as for doing the dishes. The final cleaning is mandatory and will be done by us.


The holiday home has five beds divided of three sleeping rooms. In total, there are 3 double person comforters (180 x 200cm), an extra wide one person bed (140 x 200cm) and pillows, all with seperate matresses. We ask you to bring linen yourself as well as kitchen towels, tea towels and towels.

Departure & Cleaning

FermePostel should be left in good condition when your trip ends. This means that the floors are clean sweep; vascular (laundry) is clean and all crockery is placed back in the cupboards. In addition, the tenant must itself all garbage including bringing glasses and empty bottles. Please do not leave perishable food items behind.

FermePostel then takes care of the final cleaning. This is mandatory and the costs are above the top of the rent. For several weeks rent we charge one-time cleaning fee.

ATM & Post office

An ATM (Credit Agricole) can be found on the towns square of Ayen. There is also a post office and a library with a tourist information centre, where you can go for information and Internet.


Large supermarkets are found in Objat, Trasson and Brive. There are two grocery shops, a bakery, a butcher, three restaurants and an Office du Tourisme are located in Ayen. Usually, stores are closed between 0.30 pm and 2.30 pm. Normally, they are open until 7.00 pm as well as on Sunday mornings.


The climate in this area of France is particularly favourable thanks to the pleasantly warm summers. Although, there may be some rain from time to time – it is quite a humid environment – temperatures often reach to 25 to 30 °C in the months of July, August and September.

In the coolest month, January, the temperature drops to the freezing point. It barely ever snows. Springs and falls can be quite warm. Both sunbathers and shade seekers will find there perfect spot in the garden during every hour of the day.